Things to Experience in the Blue Mountains

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The mere mention of Sydney brings forth the blue hazed mountain peaks covered in the wilderness. Yes, we are talking about the Blue Mountains.

For nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, this stunning mountain region offers countless hiking trails, heritage tracks, waterfalls, wildlife, ravines, and eucalyptus forests. Blue Mountains’ rocky topography and elevation make it a perfect place to test one’s adrenaline rush. Whether you love mountain climbing or exploring the uncovered caves, abseiling or biking on the mountain tracks, or simply stargazing, Blue Mountains have something for everyone.

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If you are headed to the Blue Mountains to explore its sprawling wilderness but clueless as to where to start, this blog will help you decide.

The Three Sisters

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When in the Blue Mountains, one should never miss the chance to see the Three Sisters. Situated near Katoomba, this sought-after tourist destination stands 900 meters above the Jamison Valley. These magnificent sandstone pillars look equally stunning at night as they look in the daylight.

The Aboriginal legend behind the Three Sisters is as bewitching as the peaks itself. According to the legend, the peaks are three sisters that were turned into stones by a tribal elder to protect them three brothers from another tribe. Before the sisters could be turned back into humans, the elder perished.

Echo Point is the ideal spot to gaze at the spectacular beauty of this place as well as descend into the valley. To reach the base of the peak, you will have to trek on the Giant Stairway. The stairway is a trail with more than 800 steps and a perfect way to soak in the beauty of the Three Sisters.


Govetts Leap Lookout


If you want to spend your vacation bathing in the mesmerising beauty of the Blue Mountains, think no more and head straight to the Govetts Leap Lookout. Nestled over the Grose Valley, Govetts Leap Lookout has some of the best views. Since this point is less crowded as compared to the other lookout points, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Blue Mountains in seclusion. From here, you can enjoy the view of the main ridge, as well as Bridal Veil Falls, that stands tall at the backdrop of pristine eucalyptus forests.

To make your outing more adventurous and challenging, take the trail towards the valley. The downwards trail offers one of the most stunning scenery.


Jenolan Caves


The term Jenolan is derived from the indigenous word that translates to “high place.” Southwest to the Blue Mountains lies Jenolan Caves. These stunning limestone caves are said to be approximately 340 million years old. The ten caves have staggering limestone formations and subterranean rivers. The caverns have fossilised remains making it a perfect spot for those who love to unearth the history of nature. One can tour the caves at night or during the day along the wilderness.


Lincoln’s Rock


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If you’re trekking near the Wentworth Fall, do visit the Lincoln’s Rock Lookout. The point gives one of the best views of the Blue Mountains. The backdrop of the mist-covered Blue Mountains makes for a perfect place to take photographs. Now, if you’re wondering if the rock ledge is dangerous and steep, don’t worry. The ledge is not as steep as it looks. But, be cautious, anyways. If you are sitting close to the edge, don't rush to take pictures.

Sunsets at Lincoln’s Rock are the best. Tourists from around the globe flock to the point to witness the sun setting over the Blue Mountains.


Leura Village


When you’re done scaling the towering mountains and trailing through the bushwalks, stop by this picturesque village called Leura. Situated within the periphery of the national park, this little village is worth exploring. The unique ambience of the village offers one ample option for trekking and hiking.

One of the many things to enjoy here is the beautiful gardens that spread throughout the village. Most of the gardens are privately owned that opens at different times of the year. Here, you can enjoy picnics and a leisurely outing with your family and friends.


Getting to the Blue Mountains is easy.


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If you are driving to the mountains by car from Sydney, take the direct route through the M4 Motorway. You will be by the national part within 90-100 minutes.

For those who want to enjoy the picturesque views, we advise them to start at Richmond. The route goes through the Bells Line of Road, Mount Tomah, Bell, and all the way through Mount Victoria. If you come by this route, it will take you around 2 hours.

If you have decided to take public transport, you can reach the park from Blackheath, Glenbrook, Katoomba, Leura, Mount Victoria, and Wentworth Falls.

Whether you decide to visit the Blue Mountains for a day or overnight camping, we are here to make your visit memorable.

You can check out tour info to plan the trip.

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