Five Reasons to Visit Australia’s Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains in Australia is one of the most iconic places to visit in the land of kangaroos.

The name of this beautiful Aussie tourist attraction is derived because of the illusion of the blue tinge that it displays. This scenic velvety appearance occurs due to the chemical reaction between the oil from eucalyptus trees and the mist.

Blue Mountains boasts expansive flora and fauna and is home to more than 40 endangered species on the earth.

If you visit Australia, this charming and mystic mountain is a must to visit. Need more convincing? Here we are presenting you with the top five reasons for visiting Australia's Blue Mountain:


1. Instagram-worthy photos


If you are one of those people who spend most of their time putting pictures on Instagram, you must visit Australia's Blue Mountain.
This place lights up to a totally different level during the sunset. So, if you want to get a beautiful picture with sunset in the background, this is the best spot.

If you have the 3 sisters sunset would be better- this is the side of sunrise 😊


The other important sightseeing location within the Blue Mountain is the world-famous three sisters - without any doubt, it is Australia's top iconic place.

The other best place that you can visit for an Instagram-worthy pic is the Jamison Valley. Visiting this spot will prove to be a great idea if you love abseiling, hiking, camping, and bushwalking


2. Wildlife spotting


For many, Australia is all about beaches and mountains, but people don't know that Australia is a land of unique wildlife.

If you are a wildlife lover and you want to witness rare wilderness, you should not miss the chance to visit the Blue Mountains. You can find some incredibly unique wildlife in the Blue Mountain - some of the important wildlife that you could spot in these magnificent mountains include tiger quoll, kangaroos, kookaburra and many others colorful bird


3. Spectacular waterfall


When it comes to waterfalls, nothing is better than the Blue Mountains. This place offers an amazing view and experience of the waterfalls in Australia. The Blue Mountain has a Paradise pool that is known for a tumbling waterfall that falls into a pool.


The place is also known for Minni haha Falls that is known for providing peace and tranquility. The gushing sound of the waterfall has the ability to soothe your mind and body. Further, there are lots of spots around the Minni haha Falls that you can enjoy while being in a peaceful and intimate surrounding.

The Wentworth waterfall is a waterfall that is present within a National Park. This waterfall is situated at 187meters high, and this is one of the loftiest waterfalls at such a high level. You can undertake breathtaking trekking to reach this beautiful waterfall.

Another amazing waterfall that you can visit in the Blue Mountain is the Katoomba falls which is situated at 240 meters high. This is one of the mainstream waterfalls in the mountain. Visiting this waterfall will give you a glass-bottomed scenic skyway at the Scenic world.


4. Walking trails


Just when you think that the Blue Mountain has nothing more to offer, a walking trail to the lush forest will open up a new place to explore.

If you are a bushwalker or a trekking person, the walking trails on the Blue Mountain are heaven for you. There is a fabulous Canyon walk, Katoomba falls walk and National pass trails where you can hike and savour the glorious scenic beauty all around.

Can’t believe it? I prefer Do you want to find more. Check this beautiful video and find for yourself -

Most of the portion of the Blue Mountain has been open for centuries, and some new trails have opened up in recent years.


5. Witness the living culture


The indigenous people of Australia heads back to more than 60,000 years ago. Visiting the Blue Mountain will give you an opportunity to witness the living culture of the indigenous people of Australia. You will also get to know about more than 350 indigenous languages in Australia. What can you ask for more? Get ready to witness the living culture of Australia this holiday season.

Dotted with one of the most amazing natural beauty, lifestyle, and culture, the Blue Mountain should be in your bucket list if you are visiting Australia. It is an ideal trip to spend two to three amazing days.

So, if you are looking for a holiday that is memorable and full of experiences, you should think about visiting the Blue Mountains. Connect with our team of Blue Mountain Tours and let us plan a memorable trip for you.

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